Monday, September 2, 2013

Your 'Have To' Changes to Your 'Want To'

I worked with a youth pastor in the past that loved golf.  This man played golf almost daily.  All his expendable income went to golf.  His wife accepted this and loved to play along sometimes.  He also was devoted to watching pro golf.  This was before Tiger had all his personal troubles and was on the leader board for every tournament he entered. 

Then the news came they were expected their first baby.  They were both excited for this new addition God granted them.  Then the teasing started.  "Oh, you won't be able to go play golf once the baby come."  "No golf for you, babies cost a lot of money."  On and on it went.  He was really tired of hearing it, especially when she was in her last trimester.

It happened during this time I spoke with him and golf came up.  Me: you know this golf thing will change once your son is born. Him: I know, I know, I won't have money.  I've heard it all before.  Me: No, it's not that.  You won't want to play golf as much anymore.  You will want to be with him.

It had never occurred to him like that.  It became true on both accounts.  With his wife now home, the funds were down, but as well, he desired to get home and be with his family more and more.

It the transformation that happens in our heart as well.  We might know a little about God.  Perhaps we remember the 10 Commandments from our youth and was taught that God had rules and laws we needed to follow to be one of His children.  For me, this kept me from God's love for so many years.  I hadn't learned God is a forgiving God, a God full of grace to enable me to do what He asked.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but I wasn't in love with God.

Just as my friend loved his baby, he wasn't in love with him until he arrived and was this wonderful being he could interact with.  Interacting with God, getting to know Him through His word and time spent adoring all He does opens our heart to be in love with God.

Being in love with God changes our motivations.  We no longer see the rules and laws that weigh on us.  We see opportunities to show God we love Him by obeying what He has asked us to do.  We no longer see it as a hindrance to living life, but as a guideline to living the best life God has planned for us.  As Creator, He knows how we are to live to walk fully in His blessings.  

Being in love with God transforms all those have to's to want to's.

If your love for God isn't so great, ask Him to help you.  Ask for His grace to open your heart to Him and love Him.  He will do it, just ask.


  1. Love, love, love this! I have felt the same way in the last few years. I was saved when I was 14, but until recently, I didn't understand that God just didn't want me to follow rules; He wanted a deep, intimate relationship with me. I just didn't understand. Now that I do, now that I'm seeking His guidance daily, I've found that He makes His wants, my wants.

    Thank you for putting it so well! :)

    1. Alissa, I'm so glad what God spoke to me helped you. My own story is similar to yours.


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