Monday, September 30, 2013

1 Peter 1:6 Joy!

 [You should] be exceedingly glad on this account, though now for a little while you may be distressed by trials and suffer temptations, 1 Peter 1:6

Exceedingly glad - not just a little happy, but exceedingly - for I have an inheritance this world does not and the world cannot spoil.  No better way to spend your time then thinking about our inheritance.  The joy should overflow us.  It should put Jesus on our lips often.  For how glad we are to have our hope in something so wonderful.  To know others can have that as well!

For a little while - not long.  This world will distress and I will endure temptations and suffer through not giving in.

Trials (without me) and temptations (within me) are real.  This world is here for a short while.  In my inheritance it will be gone.  The distresses over trials in their world can be let go - for God says it's temporary.  It's ok to suffer under my own temptation.  God has something better planned and He will use the trials and temptation to make me holy.   He will enable me

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