Monday, September 9, 2013

Living and Active

I had a post lined up for today, however after writing one, God led me to several more ideas that support the one He breezed my way.  So while I work on that this week for a new series,
I wanted to share I plan to participate in the Living and Active fall challenge over at Peak 313.

I've done well the past month with a commitment to exercise - of course I took nearly two weeks off to be sick and recover. 

I think this challenge will help keep me motivated and accountable to stick with what God is directing me to do - regain physical health through realistic movement.  And focus on His word - which I have down - yet I will never turn down an opportunity to reminded of the need to stay in the Word.  I know me, and it's all to easy to slip into - oh I'll do it later - mode and never get to it. 

In my little slice of Paradise, it is a mile and quarter lap.  {I do not use the word paradise in vain for where I live, Paradise is part of the name :) }.  My goal is to work up to six days a week that I walk it, if I don't have something more strenuous to do at home, like mow the lawn.  Last week I did four days - so Yea!

The other thing I hope peak 313 will help with is thoughts.  I'm on guard to stop thoughts that will make this process about me.  It's not size I'll be if I lose weight.  It's about being able to move.  It's getting stronger.  All this will enable me to be useful to get out there and help others, to endure whatever I need to. 

No longer will I push myself to injury.  No longer will is listen to the call of the sofa.  It's all for God!

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