Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taking Big Strides when Little Strides are needed

I'm enjoying my new walking schedule.  My body is craving the stroll.  I had a little trouble with my left knee starting to burn.  I thought 'oh I need to slow down', but it really didn't help.  I didn't want to go back to wearing the brace. 

A breeze came to me as I sought God to help me keep up the walking.  My stride.  I'm seriously like a mad woman on a mission when it comes to walking.  I remember the first time I went shopping without my brace - after several months of wearing it.  I pushed my cart around like I was a speed walker taking huge steps.  I felt it in me knee.

So on my next walk, I purposely shortened my stride.  I can still walk as fast as I need to, just not take bigger than I need to take steps.  As a benefit to less pain in my knee, my hips didn't get tight.  I usually stop to stretch out my right hip twice on my walk.  It wasn't necessary today!  I just have to praise God for reminding me.

But I was thinking, what else do I start to take big strides through when little one are what's needed?

I get in a rush to get it done.  I busy here and there, rushing through my day.  Slow down.  Take those smaller steps of enjoyment.  Joy is what my long strides often step over.  I get so concerned about getting to the end that I forget the joy on the way.

I'm going to think about this a little more.  I love having a new perspective on how to look at things.

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