Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

This post is something from my norm.  I wanted to share another side of me.  Sometimes I wake up with an overwhelming desire to go to a thrift store. When this happens I usually get one location in mind.  If my schedule allows it, I usually try to squeeze it in.  With the start of a few fall activities, I wanted some longer skirts - something I normally don't wear.  With my body type I find getting a good fit hard to do sometimes.  I love getting bargains at thrift store though.
This cute sweater will be my Christmas top.  I've developed a habit of finding something red in summer or fall for the upcoming season.   

And a closer look - it still has the 79.00 tag.  New for only $4.00!

I bought this skirt to go with the red sweater - however I think this skirt will get much more use in my closet.  I just love black with small white poke a dots!   So classic.  For my Christmas outfit I have a black lace covered shell I plan to wear. 
This outfit was hanging together.  It's a Christopher and Banks - which is one store I usually find a great fit in.  This of course was much less expensive than getting it straight from the store.  The skirt looks much lighter in the picture than it really is.  The flash picked up all the light colors.  The perks of longer skirts is that I can wear to church when I hang out with the second graders and not worry about how I sit on the floor.

And my favorite piece.  White and turquoise.  I have several ideas on how this will work.  When I went shopping I was sure I would find several A line skirts, this was the only one.  What a gem!  I have several things planned to go with this skirt.  It will replace a couple skirts I can't currently wear because of my waist line.  Now if my knees will allow me to wear the matching high heals again.

I found a fabulous red dress that was a bit to small.  I struggle with whether to buy it.  If I lost some weight it would fit - so buy it.  But I gave up filling my closet with close that will fit when I lose the weight.  So I hung it on the rack.  A lady behind me picked it up for her sister. I glad it went home with someone.  I knew it wouldn't last long.

One thing I don't have a picture of is a set of vintage dishes my mother has wanted for years.  It wasn't the exact print, but one the complemented what she had collected and she loved them.  I found a seven piece setting of plates, saucers, tea cups, bowl for under $15.00.  Much higher price on Ebay!

Remember God love you!

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