Friday, April 13, 2012

Pride before the fall

In this post, I discussed emotional dependency. 

This past weekend we had several opportunities to fellowship with our church family.  In that, several people stopped my husband a gave compliments.  And I had the selfish thought "why wasn't I there, it would have done me good to hear them?"

Well, then in my MTC study, it discussed to unmasked yourself in from of God.  In doing that, I thought over why was my initial response so selfish.  And I thought it was my emotional dependency.  That I again wanted validation from man.  Which is true.

Yet fully unmasking it, asking God for wisdom in understanding it, He revealed my pride.  It is my pride that wanted the compliments.  Ouch, that one hurt.

I do want to disclose, my service and actions were true, wanting to serve God in serving His church.  However, like all good we do, Satan will look for ways to void it, to throw us into a tailspin that sets back the good work because we make it about us, not God's glory.

Yet, another victory, since this little truth was revealed to me.  It is empowering to know it, to look out for it and to keep it in check if ever the thoughts come back.

God reminded me of my good works that He called me to in the above post - "I need to encourage others, not seek the encouragement."

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