Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A heart prepared part 2

See part 1 here.   

God put the parable of the good Samaritan before me several times, although this time I saw something different.  The man did what he could for the injured.  He cleaned him, clothed him, took him someplace to get additional care.  His schedule didn’t allow him to stay, so he made arrangement for care and then moved on, vowing to return.  He did what he could, then moved on - not forgetting - just carrying on his work.

I started to pray for God’s will in what I’m doing.  I finally reached a peace about enjoying the current work I did for Him.  Somewhere in my head I thought that I couldn’t really enjoy the work, because I didn’t want to do it.  How crazy is that?  I did it because last summer God said to do it.  After going back and forth with my attitude at the start, I still harbored a poor attitude about it.  I realized He called me to do the work, equipped me, disciplined me in that work and grew me spiritually.  If I’m doing His work, I should allow His joy to seep down to my very soul, not withhold because I hope He’ll change His mind.

Then there was the sermon on service, using our spiritual gifts.  I hadn’t done a spiritual gift survey, so that week I did.  One told me my gifts were faith, poverty, serve/help for my top three.  The other said administration, teaching and showing mercy.  Being a former accountant, I wasn’t surprised at administration. 

Poverty surprised me.  It spoke of how well I would do in the missionary field for I don’t put a lot of value in material possession.  Yet another unknown praise for my childhood.  During the time I resisted submitting to God, missionary work was my fear.  I just knew He would call me to some third world nation were I would be miserable.

Ha!!!  See how much I needed to learn?  Well I do see missionary work in my future.  I accept it and plan to train for it.  It will start slow with a week mission, but I can see it developing into full time or majority time.  When this all will happen, I know not, God just showed me a glimpse.  I will trust in His timing.

Stay tuned for part 3

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