Friday, October 4, 2013

That Situation

When something happens - do I think 'why is this happening to me?' or 'what is God doing in this?'

Oh those little words of conviction - slightly rephrased.  I've been fighting a judgmental attitude for a while now.  I observe the world and wonder how people can do what they do - sometimes I express those thoughts and sometimes not. 

So when the situation happens, God made me aware of it because:
1. I am not to get angry at the behavior of others - for my anger does not help anyone.
2. I am not to run away and avoid what is happening.
3. I am not to entertain judgmental thoughts against someone - especially since I don't know what's fully going on with them.
4. I am not to complain - about the perceived disrespect, the interruption of my plans, the general discontent with the world that turns my heart hard.

5. I am to ponder what God's intent is in making me aware of what's going on.
6. I am to gather additional information if I am led to DO something (not just say something).
7. I am to pray for the situation, turn everything over to God's power.  This world needs prayer and every time I notice, I can replace those condemn thoughts with petitions to prayer.
8. I can put a smile on my face and just go with it - since things are how they are, a good attitude will help everyone along.  The world needs more good attitudes - God has asked me to have a good attitude.

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