Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1 Peter 1:21-22 Fervent Love

Through Him you believe in (adhere to, rely on) God, Who raised Him up from the dead and gave Him honor and glory, so that your faith and hope are [centered and rest] in God.  Since by your obedience to the Truth through the [Holy] Spirit you have purified your hearts for the sincere affection of the brethren, [see that you] love one another fervently from a pure heart. 1 Peter 1:21-22

v20 says Jesus was chosen before all time to come.  Through Jesus I believe in God.  

I love adhere - stick to, have loyalty to.  Stick to as Mary did seeing Jesus in the garden - cling to His feet.  I adhere to God, His ways.  

Rely on - only through His grace can I love and follow Him.  Jesus raised from the dead, Jesus has honor and glory now so my faith and hope are focused on God.  

What do I need to do to have God at my center?  
Where is He not?  Show me Lord!

v 22
1. My obedience is only through the Holy Spirit, not on my own.
2.  My heart is purified by obedience.
3. A purified heart can have sincere affection for others.
4.  My love should be fervent (very hot; glowing; marked by great intensity for feeling).  

Lord, help me to purify my heart so I can love fervently.  So I can exercise your mercy on others.  On this point I have far to go, but You, my Lord, are the only way to get there.

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