Thursday, September 13, 2012

How It Could Be

The Spirit wouldn't let me go resting in the joy of God's affirmation.  Why it is so great is the change in me that allowed me to see it all.

Discontent would have been my attitude.  I would have been frustrated.  I would have blamed D or K for somehow moving what I was looking for.  Yet those thoughts never came until I looked for the difference.

Discontent over not having a greater work than caring for my home and family.  The world (and my father) dictates that an able, educated woman should seek full time employment so to make more money so we can have more things, hire someone to clean my home, eat junk because I deserved not to cook...oh I could go on, but you get the picture.

Thoughts of why things never stay where I put them.  Why couldn't things go smoothly?  Why must I be plagued with all these little frustrations that are causing others to be inconvenienced?  I would have been angry, full of self-pity and just plan ugly.  Oh, and I wouldn't have time to exercise or eat well either, because I need that food to make me 'feel' better.

Yes, looking at all the possible reactions to this circumstance, I can only praise God all the more.  For He has changed me.  I am being sanctified and enabled to respond to the circumstance with truth, not react with selfishness.  Any attempt at a bad attitude I quickly spoke truth and did not allow the thoughts to run free in my mind.

God is good!!

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