Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Life

I'm here!  I've taken the time to write, just not post.  God has spoken to me on so many levels.  My girl is busy doing Lacrosse.  That meant getting up early everyday for the past two weeks.  Totally worth it.

The summer bible study is a huge success.  Ok, so I only have two under my belt, but I know God is doing major things if only allowing my patience to grow.  In all, it is just wonderful.  One of my past excuses for not doing it was that the children wouldn't be able to come during the day.  What a lie that was!  I had offered to pick up and drop of (limited to my car space), but that hasn't been an issue.  I can not praise God enough!

I'm also making great headway (that's a positive spin) on the reading I need to do for discipleship training.  I don't think of all I have to do.  I'm trusting God to work out all that needs done.  My family is awesome in allowing me to work.  And those hours while my girl was at camp afforded a lot of time to read.

Although we're busy, I've also made it priority to enjoy our summer.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Next weeks big agenda is cleaning the piles in my girls room.  I pray God will help her let go of some of her things.

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