Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Is my identity grounded in my performance or in Christ?  One of my books posed this question.
Oh, how this world says performance, performance, performance!  Identity in what job I have (oh, why hasn't God called me back to the workforce).  Identity in who I serve - the inflation of pride for their glorifying remarks (perhaps that's why I didn't get ask to serve much in the years gone by).  Thankfully I can see this is something God has worked (is working) in me for many years. 

When I was looking to be plugged in, God gently reminded me that He already plugged me in right where He wants me.  Why would I ever look elsewhere, especially of things of this world?  Why give into the identity of this world.

Sometimes I long to plug in to the world, to find my identity there, yet only in Christ do I have me - covered by His robe of righteousness.

Rejoice in that.  Be in awed by that.


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