Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 Attacks

I'm attacked mainly in three ways.  When I'm doing well on one regard, one of the others come up.  I'm learning it's a form of condemnation in which I am free from in Christ.  Seeing the pattern will go a long way with stopping the affect it has in me.

The first is food.  Am I eating to much?  Should I have eaten that?  Look at all the food I can't have?  Look at all the food I did have?  Oh, it goes on and on.  The attacks are relentless until I stand firm.

The second is work.  When will I get a job outside my home making money?  Will I get the job I applied for?  How will it work for me to work full time?  What will we do with the extra cash?  Vacation?  Buy more things?  Save?  Pay off the mortgage?  If I have applied for a job, my mind goes on and on to what it will be like to do the job and work with the people.

The third is others.  Did they just reject me?  Make fun of me?  Want me to go away?  (Yes, during my depressed years I was quite the paranoid as well.)  Did I speak out of turn?  Was it appropriate when I shared my story?  Did I offend?  Why did they just treat me that way?

As you can see, all this takes me mind off God.  All this interferes with any progress because I'm not trusting God.  Trust God to build and be part of the relationships, to guide me on what to eat and to direct me to where He wants me - either in the work force or in my home or even in His service for no money!!!

I want to be free from these thoughts.  Free from stagnation they create in me.  But how?  Be aware of what I'm thinking.  If any of these thoughts come to mind, I can shift my mind to God.  Pray for the person I'm spoke with.

Just this past week I had an opportunity to do this.  I asked after a friend's father who had health issues.  The response to the question was a grunt (yes this was a man) and no answer.  We were at church and we were separated, so no time to press further.  I shelved all thoughts that this reaction was towards me - as in he didn't want to speak to me.  Later that week, I found out (from him sharing further) that it was about his father.  He had a complaint with his father and hadn't dealt with it on Sunday, but by Thursday he had.

My point in all this is IT'S NOT ABOUT ME!  It's all about God.  My prayer for this man had resolution.  He needed.  (And I didn't need to say I'm praying for you.  Sometimes I think this hurt the situation more.)

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.  Philippians 4:8



  1. I too do a lot of questing myself when it comes to others. I always leave a conversation and thing, 'should I have said this, did I say to much when I said that..." You make a great point- it's not about me! Thank you!

    1. your welcome. It's taking the step to trust God with our words.

  2. Wow what a confirmation! My husband was just commenting about condemnation and the first post I read is yours! Thank-you for sharing these words they touched my heart deeply tonight. Have a great night!


    1. Condemnation is from Satan, God convicts. We can seek forgiveness and move on. I shake the condemnation off each time it pops into my head - Phil. 4:8


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