Monday, November 5, 2012

Provisions given

I have a few items that I've wanted, some needed, but I've been patient, waiting for God to open the doors.  Back in May I wanted a Kindle ereader.  However, I patiently looked research and finally settled that the Samsung tablet would meet my families needs.  Next was to wait on the price.  In trusting that God would make it possible if it was a blessing for me and He did.  I was able get a new tablet at a cost of $50 out of pocket.  I used sale price, online gift card I earned and yard sale money.  I was pleased that my patience paid off.  I praise God that I was able to have the patience that I didn't run out and buy the best I could get back in May.  

Now a week later, He opened the door for another purchase at a great price.  I wanted two dressers and a filing cabinet.  I've looked at resale shops and on Craig's list.  I wasn't comfortable with anything I saw.  Again, if I'm impatient, I will just go with what's available, which is often not the best for me.  I shopped for this again this past week.  I found a couple good deals, I just didn't have peace over the selection, so I postponed with the options before me.  I said many times to myself that the Lord knows my needs and He will provide.

After I dropped Kat off to school, I headed to the library.  On the way was a moving sale sign.  I turned and found the house.  In my mind I could see a filing cabinet.  As I walked into the garage, there was the cabinet.  It looked like it might be part of the garage, but as I walked closer, it had a tag on it.  Not only did I get the cabinet for a great price, it locked - with keys and it came with enough hanging file folders for me to file every lose piece of paper in my house.  

Again, I am in awe of God's blessings.  Had I settled on a dresser that didn't quite meet my measurements earlier this week, I wouldn't have purchased the filing cabinet.  I know God provided the cabinet because I need it now more than dressers.  It will bring more organization to my home, which you may remember, has been a goal over the past few month.

It's simple, it's amazing.  It's God's provision and His blessing on His children who are patient for His provision.  I can trust Him to provide.

And in an odd way, this is the second time in a week that God allowed me to foresee what I would purchase, and how I would purchase, before I arrived at the place of purchase.  It's kind of neat and I hope it continues.

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