Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation 15 minutes

I didn't prepare a lot of post to go while fall break was upon me.  I fell behind in my studies.  Kat's teacher wanted extra help in the classroom.  This all had me a little overwhelmed and doubting my God.  So, I spoke His truth, declared I trusted His calling, determined if I stay behind I will persevere to the end, because of His grace to do what He called. 

Just a few hours devoted to my lessons over the weekend helped me catch up mostly.  At least removed a lot of pressure I was placing on myself.

This has brought me to realize that my schedule for my life really hasn't been in place since Kat started first grade.  I need to get back there for most of my week, especially when it comes to cleaning.  I've been wanting to tackle my house and do a deep cleaning since the start of school.  Of course you may remember I tackled the garage, which was HUGE.  

On looking at my schedule I am not finding chunks of time to devote to cleaning one room - this includes dusting, purging clutter (anything we can do without), sweep, mop, clean windows, etc.  So this week I will give Flylady 15 minutes a shot again and see where I end up.  I may have time to devote a near whole day later this week, but we shall see.  

My plan is to do two 15 minute attacks a day.  These are for the extras and do not include what I do on a regular basis, such as laundry, sweeping, dishes, etc. 

Today session 1 began with dusting my great room.  I really need to go over some places with windex, but that will have to wait for another time.  It's amazing how much dust can collect in a few short months (or ten).  We won't even talk about the ceiling fan.

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