Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Life Mate

I had a wonderful weekend.  Dale and I spent nearly two days together.  It's been a while that we were alone without the constant chatter bug that we love.  We went to a football game on Sunday, thanks to Grandma who drove two hours each way to spend time with Kat. Then wonderful Columbus Day.  My husband works for the government, so he gets all these wonderful days off.  

The weekend was full.  Dale wore many hats.  Helping friends move into a new home in the pouring cold rain.  Did I mention it was cold?  He is a natural heater, so for him to come home cold means it was cold!  

He also helped me complete a couple projects that were on my list.  We have ornamental grass we no longer want to care for.  I'm done having welts from caring for this plant and Dale suffers more from it.  So, I attempted to dig it up last week, only to find I'm not stronger than the roots.  Did I mention that I had promised a few people they could have it for pick up over the weekend?  Fortunately they were patient and Dale dug it up and broke it up for me.  

The next thing he did for me was put dirt into a flower bed he created for me last year.  It's patiently been waiting to be completed.  It may sound simple, but it involved driving our old truck (what a blessing it is) to pick up the dirt and drive back with all the weight.  One load was just enough to fill the bed.  

These things he did in a short amount of time would have taken me a long time to do.  I really appreciate his help.  I totally enjoyed our time together yesterday working on these projects and having adult conversation.  I am blessed to have him as my partner.

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