Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Big Flaw Part 1

1 Thes 5:23
My brashness is obvious.  I lack that gentle demeanor that listens, understands, that is gently, humbly, conveys God's desire - Biblical advise to other.

I've spoken without tact.  I've been blunt.  I've been mistaken by the assumptions I've made and declared myself right, not allowing any correction to come my way.

And for one called to be a Biblical Counselor, these are major road blocks.  Big flashing signs that say stop, turn back, quit, you were mistaken in your calling.  You are not equipped and it's impossible for you to change.  You've tried before only to fall back into speaking without thinking, barreling ahead to get your way, dismissing everything else just to be able to file away the issue.

Fortunately God is teaching me to be what He sees me as.  Humble, a hearer (not just a listener), gentle and understanding.  These things are me, God has given these things to me.

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