Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is this?

I feel strength rising in me.  I'm experiencing something different.  It's new place I haven't been before.  This blog is helping.  Each day I say no to sugar is helping.  I'm moving further away from me and closer to Jesus. 

I feel it seeping in and I love it.  When I'm exhausted, I keep moving.  When I want to do my own thing, I hear the voice to direct me where I need to go and I obey.  When I'm grumpy, I am aware and adjust my tactics so not to spew my wrath.  When I want to be hurt, I see what's really happening.

I know right now it's going good.  I will enjoy it while things are well.  This is a time to store up treasures.  A time in which God kept me from persecution so I could grow.  It is a time to remember when trials come.  God is there, He will protect, provide and bring peace to me.  There I will have joy, always joy.

so that no one would be unsettled by these trials. For you know quite well that we are destined for them. In fact, when we were with you, we kept telling you that we would be persecuted. And it turned out that way, as you well know. 1 Thessalonian 3:3-4

In 1 Thes Paul shares to expect persecution.  When I'm in the zone, the attack will come from my enemy.  However, I will react to opposition like Paul did in Philippi when he and Silas were in prison (Acts ) I will sing praises to my Lord; I will pray.  I will have joy that everything happened as God expected.  I expect what God expects and will be joyful always.

In application, when things don't go as I have planned, I can ask God for His insight.  What am I do to differently?  To whom do I need to speak the truth or be an example for?  What am I to pray?  How can I encourage?  

What is this?  This is peace.  

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Praise my God forever!

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