Friday, July 4, 2014

Book of a Friend - Candace

Ok, I have been putting together my book review of Candace Cameron Bure's book - Reshaping It All.  I'm just a few pages away from finishing it.  On this Independence Day of our country I want to encourage others to make this their independence day. 

I thought of reading this book when it came out, but didn't.  I began following Candace online a few years ago.  When her new book came out and her on DWTS, I wanted to read the new book, but thought I better read the first book first.

So what can someone who seems to have no issue with food and the spiritual aspect of it say in a full length book?  Well a lot!  Candace, with the help of Darlene Schacht (if you don't follow her at Time Warped Wife, you should!), have spoke volumes to where I am right now. 

So this isn't a review...which will come soon.  I urge you to read this book if you have any issue with food.  It. Is. A. Must.

Page 226  "Let me paint a scenario.  You've eaten a good dinner, stopped when you were satisfied, and feel pretty good about the choices you've made.  Thirty minutes later the TV goes on, and the family starts rummaging through the kitchen for a television snack.  Suddenly you get the munchies.  Your brain starts off slow and then goes into a wild frenzy of arguments giving you every reason you deserve to eat more than you should.  Telling you that you can break the rule 'just this once' even though you know that last night, and the night before that and the night before that, were the 'just once' days too."

This captures what goes on in my head (not so much anymore Praise the One Who changes.)  If it doesn't show a similar situation/argument you've had with yourself... then great, this isn't the sin you struggle with.  God has placed applicable truth for my life in this book.  It isn't candy coated, eat this, do that.  It's getting to the spiritual side where true change can and will happen.  It's a choice.

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