Monday, December 30, 2013

My Tour Guide

The last time we went to DC, we had an opportunity to go on a DC Duck Tour.  Not only did we get to ride in a Duck - an amphibian vehicles from the early 1900s army issued, but the tour took us by all the great sites in downtown.  The tour guide knew everything about DC and about the Duck.  We stopped by several missed monuments that I hadn't known about.  He knew the ins and outs of downtown.

Most tour guides are like that.  They know the best places to go.  The best places to stay.  They know all the history the city holds.  They know what's going on and what plans the city has.

The Bible shows God is our Guide.  He guided Noah to build a boat.  He guided Abraham to go to a new land.  He guided Moses out of Egypt and Joshua into the Promise Land.  He guided to prophets to speak to the people.  He spoke to Mary and Joseph about His coming Son.

Jesus was raised in Nazareth.  A place that was despised.  A place that nothing good was would come.  Yet, despite those conditions, He grew.  He learned scripture.  He didn't allow that place to change who He is.  He grew into the perfect man there.  

God will lead us.  He knows our life better than we do.  He knows our thoughts.  He knows our true needs.  He knows our history.  He knows our future.  He can be trusted with our lives, our plans, our goals.  He knows the best places to go, to stay, to see.

Is God your Guide?  Do you listen for His instructions?  Do you obey immediately?  What needs to change in your heart so that He is your guide?  So that you do heed His Word?  That you trust His direction? 

Are you content with where you are planted?  Do I appreciate what God is doing right now?

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